Google part of 100 million dollar investment in Logan

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Google part of 100 million dollar investment in Logan

The tech giant Alphabet and parent company of Google is part of an expected 100 million dollars of investment into the local economy of Logan.

Alphabet is committing to 15,000 square meters of space in Logan to operate its Drone Delivery service ‘Wing’. The wing service has conducted numerous test flights over rural areas around the world and is teaming up with local Logan Businesses.

Wing will offer local residence of delivery in minutes. Users will be able to place an order through a mobile application and have their purchase delivered directly to their home.

This project is expected to make jobs for drone pilots, reduce traffic and reduce emissions.

The first delivery is expected to take place through Crestmead and Marsden towards the end of 2019.

National coffee chain Zarraffers is also helping support the local economy by moving its operation from the Gold Coast to Eaglby. Zarraffers’s move will be part of a 20 million dollar investment to open a new head office, roastery and warehousing/distribution.

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