Have your say! Cats and Dogs laws under review

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Have your say! Cats and Dogs laws under review

After receiving a record-breaking amount of feedback from Logan locals, The Logan City Council has decided to open up another round of feedback in relation to a review surrounding the laws of keeping cats and dogs at your home.

The second round of feedback will run for three weeks and start the 26th of August 2019 (International Dog Day).

The Council have already received 2346 responses in their “have your say” survey in relation to current animal care laws.

The review will focus on ensuring sections of the animal care strategy 2018-2022 relating to cats and dogs continue to suit the community has it grows and evolves. Points of focus include:

  • The number of cats and dogs allowed on certain property sizes.
  • Length of dog leashes in public areas.
  • Control of cats in public.
  • Barking control.
dog sleeping in bed inside
Have your say about cats and dogs.

According to the Logan City Council, Feedback has suggested that the community wants:

  • The maximum length of dog leashes to remain at 2 metres in public places.
  • Cats to be in a carrier or on a harness in public places.
  • Approved training and barking management for confirmed nuisance dogs.

The keeping of cats and dogs continue to be popular within Logan. The Councils suggests that there are over 60,000 registered cats and dogs within our community. This is a perfect opportunity for owners of cats and dogs to have their say about what they think is best for their furry family members.

Pet ownership is becoming more and more popular and our animals are making their way into the family home and are being included as part of the family. In Queensland, 58% of homes have a pet (Animal Medicines Australia 2018) and Australians spend about 12.2 Billion dollars per year on their pets.

If you want to find out where you can have your say visit: logan.qld.gov.au/animallaws

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