Park Ridge, Flagstone and Yarrabilba pushing economic growth

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Park Ridge, Flagstone and Yarrabilba pushing economic growth

Logan City Council is planning to Fastrack commercial and industrial development in Park Ridge. This strategy is aimed at attracting new business and creating Jobs within Logan.

The Next Generation Lands Strategy was commenced in 2017 and designed to facilitate the development of land that can be mixed-use and low or medium impact industry zones.

Park Ridge and priority development areas including Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba currently play a major role in the economic growth of Logan City, currently accounting for about 30,00 jobs. This growth is expected to provide 66,000 jobs by the year 2041.

Part of this growth can be attributed too major construction and development being undertaken throughout Flagstone. This development includes investment from major businesses including Woolworths and Coles who already have their new Flagstone stores under construction.

A new McDonald’s is also in the pipeline with construction due to be completed in December 2019. Flagstone McDonald’s is expecting to employ up to 100 people.

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