Water Crisis hitting Logan Locals

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Water Crisis hitting Logan Locals

Most would be aware that many parts of rural Queensland are in desperate need of rain and water during these dry times. What you may not be aware of is that there are a large number of Logan locals who are also feeling the effects of the lack of Rain.

Many suburbs within Logan do not actually have a town water connection and run solely off rainwater collected in tanks. Suburbs such as Jimboomba, North and South Maclean, Greenbank, Cedar Grove, Cedar vale and many more rely on mother nature as their sole source of water. With very limited rain throughout the year, residents are now finding that their tanks are running dry and they are having to order water by the truckload.

Luckily there are numerous services offering water delivery to the locals with prices ranging from $130-$160 for 7,000 – 9000 litres of water delivered and pumped into your tank (Prices are estimates only). Locals should take note that some providers are booked up to a week in advance!

Logan Locals have been informed that some water delivery services are doing up to 17 deliveries per day and working from 4:30 am to ensure that residents have access to precious water.

If you rely on rainwater for your water supply maybe take this as a reminder to go and check your tank so you don’t get a surprise when the taps don’t turn on. If you are lucky enough to have town water, don’t take it for granted and be grateful for every drop.

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